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Welcome to the best bat removal service in Dewitt, MI. If you woke up to a bat flying around your bedroom you came to the right place. We specialize in Bat removal and bat control, in Dewitt, MI. Our team of qualified bat removal professionals in Dewitt, MI can assist you every step of the way. We have done many bat removal jobs in the Dewitt area and would be glad to help you with you bat problem. Once bats get in your attic you need a professional to remove the bats for you. We just came from a customers house in Dewitt, MI that had bats. The home owner tried to remove the bats himself. Long story short the owner did not take care of the bats and ended up with them flying around his home. This is a good example of do it yourself bat trapping in Dewitt, MI gone wrong. Bats in attics can be extremely difficult to remove if you do not know what your doing. Just one wrong move can land you in the hospital or even in jail. Bats are a protected species and doing harm to them could get you in some serious trouble. So if you have a bat problem in Dewitt, MI give us a call anytime.