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Welcome to Michigan Wildlife Removal services. A premier animal control and wildlife removal company. Our service areas are Oakland County, Macomb County and Wayne County. 
When dealing with wildlife issues it is important to consult with animal control specialists in order to establish the best overall solution to your animal removal conflict. A trained wildlife removal professional can inspect the property and give a solution to the problem.

Our services include:

We do Bat Removal in Clinton Twp, MI.
Bat removal and bat colony exclusion from attic, chimney and eaves. Bats seek safe habitat to establish their colony and an attic space makes a great place to do just that. Bat exclusion by One Way Bat Doors are the only safe and humane way to allow bats to leave the property , but not allow access back in. Often the insulation in the attic will need to be removed due to contamination (Bat guano and Bat Urine).  A bat specialist can give all options after initial inspection.

We do Raccoon Removal in Clinton Twp, MI.
Raccoons in the attic removal by trapping experts and attic clean up. A female raccoon have offspring either in the spring or early winter depending on the female raccoon's gestation cycle or sometimes a male raccoon will kill the baby raccoons in order to push the female into a new gestation cycle to mate with her.

When a raccoon decides to take up residence in an attic space it becomes a dangerous situation. A mother raccoon can be extremely aggressive when she has young raccoons. Raccoons in the attic will deficate(poop or pee) in spots in the attic insulation and once the areas is saturated they move to a new area in the attic insulation. once the raccoon is trapped and removed the insulation will need to be removed and the attic disinfected due to dangerous health issues. Always use a wildlife specialist for raccoon removal.

We do Squirrel Removal in Clinton Twp, MI.

Squirrels in the attic cause electrical wiring damage wich can lead to electrical fires in the attic. Squirrels in the attic can make it difficult to sleep due to the noises they make in the attic, crawlspace and walls. Squirrels are rodents and like all rodent are prone to chew on anything they can get their teeth on this includes wiring, drywall, wood soffits and wood fascia.
The only true way to rid your house or office of squirrels is by trapping the squirrel and having a squirrel exclusion done. A trained wildlife expert can handle both the trapping and exclusion of the conflict animals.

Noises in the attic in Clinton Twp, MI.
There are a few animal that tend to make noises at night in your attic and they are bats, racoons, squirrels, opossums, rats, mice and birds. An attic space can make a good place to find shelter and raise families.

Our Service areas include Sterling Heights MI, Warren MI, Mt. Clemens MI, St. Clair Shores MI, Roseville MI, Utica MI, Chesterfield MI, Frazier MI, New Baltimore MI, Romeo MI, Eastpointe MI, Washington Twp MI, Bruce Twp MI, Center Line Twp MI, Richmond MI, New Haven MI, Armada MI, Ray Twp MI, Lenox Twp MI, Armada Twp MI, Memphis MI, Richmond Twp, Lake Twp MI, Mussey twp MI and Clinton MI.