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Welcome to Michigan Wildlife Removal, We specialize in Bat removal and bat control, bat removal from house, Bats in the house, Do it yourself bat removal, bat guano removal and how to remove bats specialists. 

Bat removal can be be very difficult even for the professional bat removal experts. Once a colony of bats has decided on establishing a colony in your house, office, buildind or attic it can be extremely difficult to rid the bat issue.

Bat removal from a house is as simple as a bat exclusion, this is typically done by using a One Way Bat Door or a bat check valve that allows the bats to leave the area and will not allow access back into the structure insuring complete bat exclusion, This is the complete bat solution available to bat specialists to date. 
Once a bat colony has established itself. The colony of bats will roost and deficate( Pee and Poop) in the areas that they roost. In an attic space this means contamination of the insulation in the attic. In most case an complete attic restoration is needed to clear health issues and pathogens from the area.

A bat found in the house is a red flag of an existing issue that the homeowner may not even know about. When a bat is found flying in a house it can be very scary for the homeowner, but raises many flags for a professional that there might be a issue with bats in the attic or chimney.
Many home owners are do it yourself kind of people. Bat removal are difficult even for the experts. if you are thinking of doing it yourself understand that a single bite from a bat could give you several different kinds of infections. The main one rabies!

In my personal experience I have found that no bat job is the same. Each bat removal job that I have looked at has its own way of being different from every other bat job I have inspected. No bat colony is the same. and that means without proper inspection it is extremly difficult to ball park costs in association with any individual bat inspection. This is why most of our bat quotes or inspections are free of charge.

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